9 Easy Organizing Tips

Staying organized, keeping housekeys in the same place


9 Easy Organizing Tips

1.  Make a list of 3 priorities and do the most difficult thing first thing  and/or schedule a time on your phone alarm to get it done.

2.  Start with what bothers you the most and is the biggest challenge.

3.  Look at what you can do not how much you can do.

4.  Get top priority completed – even if you can’t get to the other two.

5.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and start sorting categories or purging from one area.

6.  Don’t let yourself get interrupted by anything or anyone for the selected time.

7.  Plan a day of  “No Procrastination”, schedule it as if it is a job… but a fun one.

8.  Manage Time Management — ask yourself  how much you can handle effectively and with no stress and  then tailor your life around your capacity.

9.  Create a New Habit – don’t work on breaking an old, bad one – Use the new habit as a weapon against it.