Things to do to get the mission complete

• Create a To-Do list — Prioritize by what bothers you the most –> then cross or check it off when you completed it.
• Be realistic about your To-Do list and what you can actually do — Procrastinators sense of time may be a little off. The more realistic you become about what you can complete, the less likely you’ll be to procrastinate.
• Choose the easiest place first —
You don’t always have to start at the most dreaded project. If that first step seems the most challenging, start with another part of the project instead.
• Create your workspace – Make it convenient and simple. Clear a table from clutter to work on. You may just want to purge papers or file them.
• Create more time —
Time is relative and short. If it seems like there really is no time, cut out a half hour or so from your existing schedule. If you really want to start doing yoga for a half an hour, you can start doing it.
• Use the minutes that are available to you —
Remember that even 10 minutes is enough time to get something done. A bill can be paid on line or a call returned.
• Reward yourself —
After you meet small deadlines, promise yourself a small treat. When the entire project is complete then possibly a larger reward.
• Getting motivated to started —
The hardest part is getting started. Set an alarm on your cell phone for 15 minutes for the task at a time that you have free time. You will likely find that once you actually get started your momentum will increase and you’ll want to do more.

Organizing your Pantry

As the seasons change, so do we. In the summer, we may be outside more and neglect the things and the “stuff” in our lives that accumulates. Par example: letting old things in our pantry breed and produce for over four seasons. Possibly, it’s time to clear out your pantry.

Purge Your Pantry

Dry pasta image courtesy of Photos.com
Multiple open boxes of pasta, several bags of rice, cans of beans (from what presidential era) and jars of micro-organism filled spices on every shelf. This is super common, so don’t feel alone. It’s probably time that your pantry needs a purge and to be organized. It only takes an hour or so to clean out the shelves, sort and purge your goods, and replenish where necessary.

Clear Out and Organize

Get everything out of your pantry so you can see what you have and then start sorting. Separate items into these four categories:

  • Daily used items
  • Items less frequently used
  • Empty bottles to recycle
  • Unopened items that can be donated
  • Science like experiments — TRASH


Vacuum any crumbs off of shelves and then wipe down each shelf with a damp cloth and let dry before reloading.
If you’d like to find a local food bank, check http://www.feedingamerica.org