Do I need help Organizing?

Diving in way over your head

Many of my clients over these past years have said that they can organize “It” themselves but that they are simply overwhelmed and can’t seem to make it happen.

They also think that they know how the best way to organize is but then they don’t end up doing it. The next thing you know, years have gone by and an accumulation of “stuff” is still lingering in every room, garage, attic or basement. They also waste a lot of time in their lives looking for things. The average American spends 72 hours per year looking for documents. There is a reason why I became a Professional Organizer. Not only because I had skills in multiple areas of business and trades but because I wanted to help individuals and families delete chaos from their homes and in their minds.

Life can be stressful enough. I always say, “When you are sick and not getting better, you go to the doctor.”. Sure, we all “could do” or have talent to do many things but the reality is that we may not have the skills and expertise or education to suddenly become a botanist or computer guru. That’s why we look for professional help. You know those people who have multiple problems in their lives with their emotions or psychologically and they say, “I can figure it out myself. I don’t need help.”? Well, usually, they don’t get counseling and then repeat the same behaviors and patterns of thinking and become recidivist-like in their own.

Does this sounds familiar to you? Feel free to write or fill out the form on this site.